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Detective Conan Episode 256 256 EngSub (Full Episode)

Detective conan ova 10: Kid in Trap Island

detective conan ova 10 Kid in Trap Island detective conan ova 9: Stranger in 10 Years 10nen go no i Hjin 10 detective conan ova 8: High...

Detective Conan Opening 26 Everlasting Luv

Artist breakerz All rights goes to tms Entertainment, Ltd. Copyright by Gosho Aoyama 1994 Storyboard - Koujin Ochi Technical Director - Fumiharu...

Detective Conan Opening 30 Tear drops

Artist: Caos Caos Caos * All rights goes to tms Entertainment, Ltd. Copyright by...

Kaitou Kid Episodes from Detective Conan!

btw: I dont own the picture just so you know. If you could post the links to any of the episodes I missed in the comments, that would be great. (If you find any...

Lupin iii vs kaito kid?!?!

I dont own any of the audio or animation! Lupin iii and Detective Conan belong to their respective companies!

Detective Conan Movie 19 Trailler - The Hell Fire of Sunflowers (2015)

Detective Conan movie 19 - The hell fire of Sunflowers Trailer Conan vs Kaito Kid Phantom thief vs detective.

Detective Conan: Shuichi Akai Death

In Episode 504 Akai arrives at the meeting place where Kir is waiting from the other side after scouting out ahead. Kir shoots Akai in the lung as Gin and Vodka...

Seras Two Brothers: Akai Shuichi and Okiya Subaru! Detective Conan Discussion

Do you think i am right? Are Akai , Sera and Okiya related? Is the father of them The Boss of the Organisation!? Happy Anime Shoutout to for...

Prxima programacin de Cartoon Network 2015-2016.

Gracias a la informacin de Wikipedia, ahora se sabe cual ser la programacin de Cartoon Network para el 2015 y 2016.